Special houseplants for the home

Almost everyone knows that plants add atmosphere to your home or your room. That's one of the reasons so many people take houseplants into their homes. They are beautiful and they are of course a good decoration for your home. Houseplants can be found at any garden center. Some are very large, others are very small or average in size. The prices of the plants can also vary. Some small plants are much more expensive than another type of plant that is much larger. This is because some houseplants are rarer and special and other houseplants are not. Special houseplants are naturally more expensive than plants that are cheap to grow and very common. Yet there are many people who like to collect special houseplants. For these people, we will tell in this text what special houseplants there are.

Special and striking houseplants

There are several definitions you may have for Special Houseplants. Do you think of a special houseplant as one that is rare and therefore rare, or do you think of special houseplants as one that looks crazy or special? One of the many types of plants that looks very special is the tubular bromeliad. This is, as the name implies, a type of bromeliad. The plant is green, but it has some sort of spots and stripes, which can make it look a little silvery. 

What makes the tubular bromeliad special?

What makes the plant even more beautiful and special is that above the plant there is also a beautiful flower. This flower can have different colors, but the most famous kokerbromelia has pink flowers. This plant prefers good sunlight, but not too much. What is nice about this plant is that it does not need much water and is therefore quite easy to care for. Anthuriums are also special houseplants that stand out quite a bit. The plant itself is green, but at the top they have a kind of colored leaves. The plants come in purple, red and white and do not require much care. Very nice if you are someone who often forgets to water the plants.

Plants that require little maintenance

If you are someone who often forgets to water and care for plants, it can be difficult to find the right unusual houseplants. Fortunately, we have been able to find some for you. First of all, the best plants for people who forget to water plants are of course cacti and succulents. If these plants go without water for about three weeks, they won't suffer and won't die right away. The euphorbia tirucalli is a special species of cactus. This plant not only looks special, it is. The plant's juices can be toxic, so care should be taken who comes near the plant. If you have small children or pets that wander around the house by themselves, then the plant may not be very suitable for you. 

Care of the euphoria tirucalli

In addition, the plant needs a lot of indirect sunlight to live and grow properly. This can be quite difficult for some people with houses that do not allow much light through. So think about where you want to put the plant before you buy it. Another special houseplant that needs little water and is nice to have in the house is an aloe vera. You can also cut it off after a while to make a drink or use it as a nourishing and cooling body gel.

Plants that are different from other plants

Another special houseplant that we would like to mention in this text is the flytrap. You can buy this plant for a few euros in the store, but it is a very special houseplant. As the name suggests, the plant eats flies. So if you have a lot of trouble with fruit flies at home, this is the perfect plant to buy. The flies are lured to the plant and once they sit on the plant, it claps shut. The flies are trapped and then digested by certain juices in the plant. Spraying with poison in the house is therefore no longer necessary, because the plant cleans up the flies itself. The maranta leuconeura is a special houseplant, because it shuts down after dark. In the evening the leaves close and as soon as it gets light they open again.

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