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Why buy from a recognized golden retriever breeder?

Buying a dog like a golden retriever you do it ofcourse at approved breeders. This is important so there are no surprises. Most of the time you get a guarantee of 6-12 months from a recognised breeder. But they also make sure that the pup has had the right vaccinations. And they don't take the pup away from its mother too early. These are all important points for the development of the dog. And so you get a sweet and loyal buddy. When you buy a dog from a non approved breeder you have to be able to prove within 6 months that it is the fault of the breeder.

The advantages of buying a dog from golden retriever breeders

When you are planning to buy a purebred golden retriever you can look for breeders. These breeders are spread over the whole country. But also just across the border in Belgium and Germany you can find some approved breeders. Pay attention to the legislation in the country of purchase. The golden retriever is known as one of the friendliest dogs in the world. They are real buddies for life. In Gelderland and Overijssel you find most golden retriever breeders. One of the advantages of buying a dog from a breeder is that you know it is well taken care of. More and more people are therefore choosing a certified breeder instead of a bread breeder.

What makes this dog so cute

If you are planning to get a dog we advise you to visit one of the golden retriever breeders. A breeder will be able to tell you everything about the breed and why they are so popular. These dogs are often friendly and playful which creates a nice atmosphere at home. Because of the playfulness of this dog you can also enjoy running with him or throwing a ball. But it is also a big soft teddy bear for many people. And for the little ones it is fun and safe to play with this purebred dog.

What does a golden retriever cost at most breeders?

A golden retriever usually costs between 1000 and 1200 euro at most breeders.
This depends on the costs the breeder has made. When you want to have extra tests done or when the breeder does this by default, the price is often higher. But also when he offers more service or guarantee for the dogs. Everything that has to do with administrative tasks and medical costs of the dog can be charged. Consult the internet or contact the breeders for the current prices. A golden retriever breeder does this in most cases for his or her own pleasure.

Buying a buddy at one of the golden retriever breeders

Most people who buy a dog do it as a buddy for themselves or other family members. This also applies to the golden retriever you buy from breeders. A dog needs a lot of attention and you could teach him some commands in a dog training course. Also the coat has to be well taken care of and you have to go to the dog hairdresser regularly. But mainly you will have many adventures full of fun with your buddy. 

Even though they can't talk back they are real companions. They will often lie at your feet or on your lap. But they also like to crawl into bed if you let them.

Warranty at recognised golden retriever breeders

When you buy a golden retriever you usually get some kind of guarantee from recognized breeders. The time this guarantee is given isn't standard by law. The breeders can be a member of an association that has standards for this. But when you buy a dog directly from a breeder it will be described in the contract. Some dogs can get a hereditary disease from one of the parents. But they can also have organs that are too small, which you do not notice immediately. Or hypersensitivity to anesthesia. That is why many breeders offer 6-12 months guarantee on diseases that you as a buyer can not do anything about.

Buying a genuine pedigree dog from a breeder

When you buy a golden retriever at one of the approved breeders you still have to take into account certain extra costs. In the first years of their lives puppies need several vaccinations, these are absurdly high amounts. But still it's nice to put this aside in advance. Also you need of course toys and a bench. Care that you have this for the purchase of the dog house. Eventually you can also take the dog to a puppy course. This will make him listen to you and your commands. The municipality sometimes also levies dog tax once a year. For the current costs you need to consult your own municipal website.

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