Where to find old wooden planks

Many companies sell old wooden planks at a favorable price. However, the price of these boards is increasing because more and more people are looking for them. This is because of the trend in recent years to make your own furniture. You see it a lot in large tables or beds. But also companies are making a profit out of it. The bigger names in this world buy these boards much cheaper. But because of the character, they make a very big margin on these products. This is because people increasingly see their household as something that may live instead of that it is a museum.

Where can you buy scrap wood planks?

There are various places on the internet where you can buy scrap wood boards. Usually this takes place in the form of a batch trade, but it can also be bought on the market. The advantage of buying scrap wood planks is that they don't end up in the recycling bin but last a life longer. The character of these boards is often clearly visible. But people usually only remove the badly damaged old wooden planks. These can be used to make beautiful furniture or other decorative items.

Why do people buy old wood planks?

Old wooden boards have a special structure. This is because over the years they have developed a very nice colour. Many people get rid of it because they don't like the colour. But there are many more people who are looking for that one particular gem. Companies often buy it to resell it. They often put a layer of whitewash over it to make it look even better. But also the sharp edges are brushed off. The old wood is the new modern. You can see it like old sunglasses from the 70's that have been out for a long time but are now back in fashion. This also applies to the wood. The older the better and the more expensive it is in the shops.

The durability of old wooden planks

Over the years we have learned that we throw away way too much. This is also one of the reasons why we buy old wooden boards. Besides the beautiful look they have, you are also contributing to a more sustainable world. Wood is one of the raw materials that is poorly processed by the environment. That is why it is so important that we refurbish old stuff. This contributes to lower CO2 emissions and thus a better environment.

What can you do with old wooden planks?

Old wooden planks are often used to make new constructions. For example, it is fashionable again to use thick beams as decoration in your home. Often this gives your house more character. But from the planks we can make many more things. One of the most striking trends is the bed that is made of old wooden planks. The minimal difference in colour that you see creates a luxurious look. In the shops you often have to spend a fortune for this. But if you design it yourself and put it together it doesn't even have to cost a lot. But also tables, chairs, etc. are often made of these materials.

Kitchen made of old wooden planks

There are even kitchens made from different types of old wooden planks. An example we have seen is a kitchen made of wooden beams with a granite worktop on top. The frame is made from old oak wood and that gives a really characteristic experience. It looks a bit like the blanket chest from the past. But also the doors can be made of old wood. This often gives a tougher and rural look. Take for instance old oak which has been used on floors in the past. This aged wood gives a tough and modern door.

Character in the bathroom

To give your bathroom character you can choose to make a bathroom cabinet out of old wooden planks. This creates a tough but also solid interior and people describe it as romantic. Often old floor and wall panels are used as well. Here you can see the used variety better and this gives life to the bathroom. But also sleepers are used that used to be in the gardens. Because of the dark but somewhat discolored character you have a bathroom that everyone envies.

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