How can you use outdoor advertising successfully? 

It is not easy these days to compete against large competitors. After all, they have all the resources to deploy the best marketing tools and get noticed by their target audience. Because of this, you may get the idea that big companies can only continue to grow, while as a small business you come to a standstill. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there are plenty of marketing tools that you can apply even as a small business owner that can be very successful.

Nowadays, we see that there is a lot of focus mainly on online marketing. However, the power of offline marketing should not be underestimated either. Precisely a combination between these two produces the best results. One of the most effective forms of offline marketing is the use of outdoor advertising. Before hiring a specialist like Imagebuilding, however, it is important to know what is the best option for you and how to go about it. In this article, we list some points of interest and explain how to use outdoor advertising most successfully. 

Choose the right advertising medium

Various forms of outdoor advertising offer unique opportunities to capture the attention of passersby and make a lasting impression. 

Each form of outdoor advertising has its own benefits and applications, depending on your goals, location and budget. By choosing the right mix of these options, you can create an effective and eye-catching outdoor advertising campaign that attracts attention and leaves an indelible impression on your target audience. There are various forms of outdoor advertising. The most popular ones are further highlighted below. 

Advertising banner with frame

A popular option is the advertising banner with frame, a flexible choice that allows you to place large-format ads in strategic locations. These canvases can be customized and easily replaced, making them ideal for temporary promotions or events. In addition, the sturdiness of the frame provides resistance to weathering, ensuring a durable presentation of your message.


A blind frame is an innovative solution for places where traditional billboards are not permitted or practical. The frame is mounted directly to the façade or a wall, with no fasteners visible, creating a sleek and modern look. This type of frame is ideal for large-format visuals and can be seamlessly integrated into the building's architecture.


Trotters are mobile billboards that can be easily moved to high-traffic locations. This makes them particularly effective for short-term promotions or events. Their height and double-sided visuals make them highly visible from different angles, increasing the likelihood that your message will be seen by a wide audience

Convey the message effectively 

Many people make the mistake of thinking too complex. A complicated message does not trigger a passerby. As a result, the message barely comes across or even comes across in the wrong way. This actually makes you lose sight of your goal. It is therefore important to keep advertising as simple as possible. For example, by using a simple slogan or an image that makes everything immediately clear. The most effective outdoor advertising makes the message clear within two seconds. It doesn't matter if you drive by in a car or stand still along the road, the message will come across to the target audience either way. 

The best location 

Of course, the success of outdoor advertising hinges on the right location. If you place it in the wrong place, it can only backfire. It is important to place the advertising in a place where it is clearly visible to the people you want to reach. 

Suppose you are a restaurant owner. So then you want to reach people who do crave a nice meal or a quick snack. So then you need to be highly visible from the main roads. Advertising along the highway is then very effective. 

Keep in mind that outdoor advertising in high-traffic locations is often more expensive. You will also have to compete more with other businesses. You can also take a different approach by placing the advertising somewhere where people do not expect it. For example, on a bridge. The element of surprise is greater, so the brand will stick around longer and in most cases it is cheaper. 

Make an indelible impression 

Outdoor advertising is a fun way to put your business on the map. It is important that you stand out. Therefore, be sure not to try to stay within the standard runways, but make an indelible impression by giving your creativity free rein. This way the advertising will stick around longer and you will achieve the desired results faster. 

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