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What does a wedding photographer do?

A wedding photographer usually takes pictures of the bride and groom. You decide if the photographer will be present the whole day or only during the ceremony. Depending on your wishes he can start at your house until the last drink. This way you will have a complete wedding collection that friends, family and acquaintances will talk about for years. In principle, the photographer can come to any location. Depending on the location, you can also hire equipment from him or her to make your photos even more outstanding. Ask your photographer about this.

What are the costs?

The average cost for a wedding photographer is around €200. This depends on the number of hours the photographer has to be present. If you want to organize meetings in collaboration with the photographer, you will have to pay an additional fee. With a meeting we mean that people can have their photo taken all day long at your wedding. The estimate is without any travel expenses. We assume you are looking for someone in the area. If you want to hire someone further away there will be additional costs. Also, the photographer may need certain materials which may be charged.

What is meant by photography wedding?

Wedding photography means everything that has to do with the wedding. A wedding photographer will accompany you throughout the day if desired. From picking up the bride to the ceremony and beyond. You can't think of anything but basically you can capture everything. He or she will make sure that there are still memories after the big day. Do let the photographer know the location in time. That way he or she can prepare for the location. They will also take the time to capture your wishes as well as possible. This is important because you want to be able to enjoy the day for days, months or years to come.

Planning of a wedding photographer

A wedding photographer likes to be well prepared for everything. That way he or she can also switch when the weather changes. If the location is known in time you can already think of places where you can have your photo taken in sunny or rainy weather. Most photographers can also advise you about the most beautiful spots for the photos. This way you get the best end result that can be talked about for years. However, a quick decision maker is cheaper than someone who has to think a lot. This is logical because he or she puts more time in it.

Photo post processing

A good wedding photographer can also post-process the photos. This allows you to add a nice border. But you can also give them your names and wedding date and hand them out to the guests. But you do not want to have all the photos of the photographer because there can be 2000 or more. Therefore you can choose to give the photographer a best of selection. Besides that the photographer usually puts the photos on a usb stick or hard disk. This way you can look at them on your computer at home. But they also keep a back up of all the photos for a few years. This way you will minimize the risk of losing the most beautiful day of your life.

Wedding photographer hours

Often a wedding photographer will stay at the wedding for around 6 hours. However, the minimum number of hours is only 2 hours if you wish. Most people book a wedding photographer for a longer period of time. Even longer than 6 hours they are present at many weddings. This is because you want a memory of all the moments. And it is a shame if at the end of the evening people are standing on the bar and not on the picture. Depending on how you have planned your wedding the photographer will be present at the moments you find important. Often they will also give you advice on where to be so you can have your photo taken in time.

Wedding photographer and their packages

Often you can also order a package from the wedding photographer. This is much cheaper than the hourly rate. They do this consciously because the fuller the day, the more revenue they can generate. Also, any startup costs are included in these packages. Usually you get a nice discount on the extra hours. This motivates people to buy a whole package so nothing has to be missed. Because a photographer often cannot take on other assignments on this day they choose this. This ensures that they can have a tight schedule. By invoicing the extra hours at a lower rate, they still end up earning more.

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