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If you want to volunteer abroad, there are several possibilities. You will have a positive influence on the local community of mainly third world countries. When this is in your blood you will not be satisfied with anything else. It is also a way for young people to increase their life experience and become a better person. You also get to know a new culture. You step outside your comfort zone, so to speak. Many people describe it as an experience you will never forget. And often they stay there for several years.

What kind of volunteer work can you do abroad?

There are many types of volunteer work abroad that you can do. The most popular one we know of is caring for and nursing people abroad. This is because the hospitals here are often far apart. This is also called emergency aid. There are also many people who go into education. Many of these people get little or no education and several foundations try to change that. This is only possible with enough volunteers. Another great place to work is in nature. Often you can find work in protecting endangered species. But you can also improve and preserve the environment.

Volunteer Human Rights Abroad

In many countries it is not normal to get as much legal help as we do. That is why they are waiting for volunteers who want to do volunteer work abroad. In this way you support the people who have no access to legal advice. This ensures that these people can be represented and that human rights are upheld. But you can also campaign for better human rights in certain countries. Usually you get the chance to work directly at a local law firm. Be careful because there are piles of work waiting for you. So you have to be able to cope with a high workload.

Care and emergency volunteer work abroad

Choosing care work as a volunteer abroad is a unique experience for your education or personal development. Many schools support this work and from your school you can often do an internship. If you are still studying, you can learn the basic medical skills here. The people in this country are very helped with your help. If you have had a complete education, you can also help with emergency care and other common medical requests. Because the hospitals in these countries are often far away, all help is welcome. But also in a hospital or medical center they can use your help.

Volunteer conservation work abroad

Nature conservation projects can be found in all countries, including those abroad. One of the things you can do is keep the planet livable. By this we mean that you demonstrate the vulnerability of nature and explain it to people. But you can also teach people how beautiful the planet is and that we have to work together to preserve it. You can focus on a specific part of nature like forests, oceans or you can go to the mountain tops. But you can also work in nature reserves where you take care of endangered species. Or how about helping with the rehabilitation of animals in protected forest areas.

Sports volunteering abroad

Sport is one of the most important parts of human development. With the volunteer work abroad focused on sports you can go many ways. For example, you teach people to build a healthy lifestyle if possible. But you will also mainly make children aware that sports and being active is important. This also provides a stimulus in developing self-confidence. And what about the social effects that sport has on a child? It is much more than performing a particular sport. It's something everyone should be able to participate in. Young or old poor or rich we all need it for our health and mental health.

Contributing to construction projects

Also for the real construction worker there is volunteer work abroad. In remote areas and large cities there are plenty of opportunities to get to work. Often it is about building a complete new complex. But also the renovation of buildings happens here. For example when they are hit by a war or natural disaster. From laying bricks to complete foundations, you can get to work here from a to z. But also the painting of doors and walls is part of the work in construction. It is usually sustainable projects, which later can be completed by the local population. You will also learn something about the culture and the local population, which is a nice bonus.

Archaeological volunteer work abroad

Archaeologists can be found all over the world, which is why there is plenty of volunteer work in this sector abroad. An archaeologist often investigates the past but abroad they also look at the difference between the present and the past. It's not only the excavation of animals or cities but also the thought behind it. Often you will be accompanied by someone who has been active in this field for years. This ensures that you learn the work from the master. Many schools support this initiative. And there is much more to discover abroad than at home. It is an unforgettable practical experience.

Teaching abroad

Education is not as normal in other countries as it is in ours. That is why they are eager for teachers or people who want to do voluntary work in education. In this way you automatically build a new future for the children or youth in the country. Making daily lessons possible is of vital importance for these countries. Only then can they become more self-sufficient and achieve a fair place in world culture.

Somewhere one has to start learning and earning money before a country can be rebuilt. Because of the volunteers of different organizations more and more is possible for this target group. They can also find an internship with a possible new job abroad. Because of this they earn a lot of money which they can send back to their country of origin. And this again provides the new generation.

What do you need to volunteer?

To volunteer abroad you need more than a good mood and knowledge. Several countries require certain vaccinations. But also a visa has to be applied for correctly at the government. You can only really leave when this has been approved. It is also advisable to take out insurance for accidents and illnesses abroad. The Dutch insurances do not always cover it abroad.

Combining an internship abroad

You can often combine your internship for school with volunteering abroad. Abroad you have a unique opportunity to test and develop your skills. If you are looking for work with a recognized organization, you often have more support abroad. Most organizations have one or more Dutch speaking guides. But also an office where you can go with questions or problems.

Finding volunteer work abroad grants in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are regular fairs outside corona. At many of these work-related fairs you will also find stands about volunteering abroad. But they also hold regular information days. This way you get personal answers about the work. But you also get an impression of what you can expect and what you have to comply with. There are important things you should not overlook. This varies from insurance to vaccinations. Sometimes there are even experts who have worked abroad before or are still doing so. This is a unique opportunity to get your question answered. Or you can get an idea about the interests of the population and what cultural characteristics a certain region has.

Supporting young entrepreneurs abroad

Volunteering abroad also includes supporting young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. You can help them with company specific questions that they cannot solve themselves. Think about how they can get loans or credit. But also information about what is needed for the right permits and what rights you have. You can also support them in making the right choices. And finding interest-free options for the entrepreneur. But you can also help in finding personnel or in making a business plan. The young entrepreneurs are the future for these countries and you have an important role in this.

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