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What is the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture?

In the Netherlands, many children grow up without the money to participate in sport and culture. The Youth Fund for Sport and Culture was set up for this purpose. Often these children can only participate in a gym class and do not get the opportunity to become a top athlete. We think it's important in the Netherlands that everyone gets the chance to be good at something. That is why you can go to the youth fund in this case. Through the website you can not only find help for your child, but also where you can go. More than 70,000 children benefited last year. This is a huge number despite the corona crisis.

What does the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture do?

The Youth Fund for Sport and Culture believes that every child should be able to practice the sport they love. Their motto is not for nothing that every child can sport. Cultural aspects are also included, such as playing an instrument at a music school. By doing these things children feel better about themselves. They also build up social contacts outside of school. This also provides other topics of conversation. So you could see it as a ticket to a new life. That is how much impact it has for the children. Of course you can also learn to paint or dance with the culture fund. For all the possibilities check the website of the youth fund.

Well-known Dutch people who are ambassadors of the Youth Fund for Art and Culture

There are several Dutch celebrities who are ambassadors of the Youth Fund for Art and Culture. There are ambassadors for sports like Dione de Graaff, Bert van Marwijk and Erben Wennemars. These are all well-known people in the sports world. But of course you also have several people in the world of culture. For example Sanne hans and Bboy lorenzo. These are famous singers and dancers. But of course there are also many unknown people who make sure that everything is feasible. Often they have a known or lesser known background in sport and culture.

Who is the Youth Fund for Sport and Culture for?

The youth fund sport and culture is there for every child whose parents cannot afford a sports club. These children also deserve a healthy environment and that includes sport and culture. This does not only lead to physical improvement but also to social improvement. Many schools are therefore working to make the options open for discussion. Many parents do not know that there are possibilities to participate in sports through the youth fund. In some municipalities it is even paid for by the parents themselves. But the child's priority is central here.

Local funds

Every province has a local youth fund for sport and culture. Take for example the Youth Fund Sport of Brabant. This fund pays up to 450 euros a year for your child to participate in sport or culture. Think of expenses such as a musical instrument or sportswear, but also the contribution fee you have to pay to the association. Because you can claim such a large amount of money it is possible to choose 1 or more sports. Often the municipalities do an extra step for people under the minimum income. This you need to inquire at your own municipality. It can sometimes be just a little more expensive to follow a sport or music lesson.

Who sponsors youth fund sport and culture

The youth fund sport and culture is sponsored by various sponsors and it is not for nothing that it falls under charity. The friends lottery is the biggest sponsor. But there are also companies, schools or just people who can afford it who finance it. This is because you can also voluntarily donate an x amount via the website of the youth fund. Because everyone contributes, hundreds of thousands of children can participate in a sport each year. In addition, NOC NSF also supports in a financial contribution and they can often mediate in obtaining sports equipment. But also a Jumbo visma, KNVB, KNGU and NGF contribute their bit. So it comes from various sectors both private and business.


There are some people who question the youth fund sport and culture. This is very unfortunate because research shows that 1 in 11 children cannot participate in a sport. In 2020, which was a tough year because of corona, almost 60,000 children got the chance to practice a sport. And more than 10,000 were able to take part in music lessons and other cultural activities thanks to the contribution they were able to apply for through the Youth Fund for Culture. No fewer than 225 municipalities throughout the Netherlands are affiliated with the Youth Fund. Together we are strong and we can help every child to go to the gym, to paint or to take music lessons.

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