What is a theory exam?

With a theory exam you are going to learn things from books. This doesn't have to be for the car but can also be used for training or courses. During this exam they test if you know the material that is needed for the subject. They often do this with some multiple choice and open questions. When you take a car exam, there are usually only multiple choice questions. Please note that there can always be some inklings between the answers. Take your time with your exam whenever possible. This can save you many mistakes and give you a higher score.

What does a theory exam cost?

Depending on what you do a theory exam for, there are also costs involved. For courses this usually starts at 50 euros. For driving a car it's only 37 euro. But a theory exam for a course or a part thereof can quickly cost hundreds of euros. Therefore always take the time to learn the material. As long as you have the time you can study in such a way that you make as few mistakes as possible. A retake often costs extra money and is not always included in the price. The more often you have to retake the course, the more money it can cost you. Always consult the website of a provider to find out the exact costs. There are no standard amounts for this.

What do you have to learn?

For a theory exam you usually have to learn the material that a teacher tells you to learn. When getting a driver's license, these are the standard traffic rules. Depending on the number of questions you can get a certain score. With this you can pass or fail. Some schools and trainers also use extra points for questions with multiple answers. So study well because this can give you extra points. In most cases there is a time limit. If you have enough time to learn, it is best to do so. A resit does not only cost money but also time before you can do it again.

Where can you get it?

A theory exam is usually taken in class. But there are also possibilities to do this online. Always ask the person for whom you have to learn the theory about this. The advantage of taking the exam in the classroom is that the trainer has a clear position. This way they can check that no one has cheated. But also that no answers are looked up on mobile devices. But also online, this is increasingly covered. So learn the material well from the books or digital materials because cheating is almost always covered.

What points are covered at a theory exam for the car

During a theory exam for a car in general your knowledge of the traffic rules are tested. However there are often insight questions incorporated in the exams. This is tested if you really know the rules 100% and know how to act. But also hazard recognition plays a role. Often there are pitfalls that you should think about carefully. Making a mistake is easy but correcting a mistake is not. So take all the time you need to take this exam. If you don't know the answer to a question, just move on to the next one. Later you might find the answer and you won't have too many unanswered questions.

What can you expect?

You can expect a theory exam to test your general knowledge of the material. But they also won't make it easy for you. An open exam is often scored better than a multiple choice exam. This is purely because the answers are similar. And that's how you go wrong. So take your time when answering a question. If you have too much doubt, it is a good idea to move on. You can always answer the questions you didn't know at a later time. It's a waste of time if you can't answer a lot of questions. That will cost you more points than continuing to the questions you do know.

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